Henry Humphree, Buffo the Strongman, He-Frog the Mighty, Brawny the Bear, Arnold the Armadillo, Hulk the Hog, and Mighty Mousey the Mouse were a gang of bodybuilders who took their passion for building muscle to the extreme. Every day, they could be found at their local gym, pushing themselves to their limits in pursuit of hypertrophy.
But these bodybuilders were not satisfied with just any old protein sources. They craved the rare and exotic, and they were willing to go to great lengths to get their hands on the most potent muscle-building supplements. So they turned to the dark web, where they discovered a mysterious milk powder that promised to be the ultimate muscle-building supplement.
At first, the milk powder seemed to work wonders. Their muscles grew larger and stronger than ever before. They could lift more weight, run faster, and jump higher. But then, something unexpected happened.
As they continued to consume the milk powder, the bodybuilders began to fall ill. They grew weak and feverish, and their muscles began to shrink. But that was not the worst of it. Their bodies began to morph and deform until they were unrecognizable.
They grew spongey heads, cartoonish features, and skin made of Antron Fleece and Foam. They had become disfigured muppet versions of themselves, and they were miserable.
The bodybuilders realized that they had made a terrible mistake. They had sacrificed their health and their dignity in pursuit of their dreams of muscular greatness. But it was too late to turn back now. They were doomed to live out their days as grotesque, disfigured muppets, forever cursed by their own misguided obsession with muscle and power.
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