The pool noodle monster was a towering creature, standing at over eight feet tall. Its body was made entirely out of bright yellow pool noodles, held together by some unknown force.
It had two long noodle arms that ended in sharp, pointed fingers, and its face was contorted into a menacing scowl.
As the monster approached the community pool, the children and parents inside became terrified. They quickly gathered their belongings and rushed to the other side of the pool, trying to put as much distance between themselves and the monster as possible.

The pool noodle monster began to attack the pool, its noodle arms crashing into the water and causing waves to splash over the sides. The children screamed and clung to their parents, tears streaming down their faces.
The pool noodle monster continued its rampage, tearing up the pool toys and splashing water everywhere. The parents tried to protect their children, but they were no match for the monster's strength.
Just as the situation seemed hopeless, a group of brave lifeguards rushed to the scene. They quickly formed a plan and attacked the monster with their pool noodles, whacking it repeatedly until it fell to the ground, defeated.
The pool noodle monster was finally vanquished, and the children and parents were saved.
The community pool was repaired and reopened, and everyone was grateful to the brave lifeguards who had saved the day.
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